Pediatric Dentistry

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentists generally recommends that a child be seen by a dentist by their first birthday or within six months of their first tooth erupting. It is important that your child’s newly erupted teeth receive proper dental care and benefit from proper oral hygiene habits right from the beginning. We would recommend that children at that young of age see an experienced pediatric dentist.

Union Chapel Dentistry is a general dental office that provides care for children. The main difference between a pediatric dentist and a general dentist that cares for children is that, while a pediatric dentist only cares for children up to a certain age, a general dentist can see the child regardless of age and their parents as well. This allows the whole family to be seen by the same dental office and have consistency of care from adolescence into adulthood.

Visiting Union Chapel Dentistry

During regular visits to our Fort Wayne dental office, children typically receive a thorough examination and cleaning, have X-rays taken, and receive a fluoride treatment. Dr. Painter may also recommend that your child receive sealants on their permanent, adult teeth to help protect them against tooth decay.

Instilling Good Brushing Habits

It is important to brush your child’s teeth to help prevent tooth decay and gum disease. Begin to brush your child’s teeth once they first appear. It may be difficult at first, but eventually both you and your baby will get used to it. Do not use toothpaste before the age of two—a soft toothbrush and water will work just fine. Begin using fluoride toothpaste on your child’s teeth starting at age two. From age two to seven, use a small pea-sized amount of toothpaste to clean your child’s teeth. We recommend that a parent or adult dispense toothpaste for young children and supervise and assist with brushing.

Dr. Painter and the staff at Union Chapel Dentistry love helping to instill a lifelong appreciation of having a healthy, beautiful smile. We try our best to ensure our office is a positive, relaxing environment for children to make their experience as enjoyable as possible.

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